“Madman is the man who speaks to the moon.
A fool who does not listens.”

William Shakespeare


This is a love affair that started under the light of the moon, contrary to many love affair that start at the sunset, this is when, in the light of the moon at night, we dreamt of creating a Watch that could contain all the requirement of our desire: lightness, softness, a sophisticated retro style but with a strong sense of innovation.
A must was to be a World Time Watch, with a strong component of the Breguet touch of hours, the ones that always represent the identity of “handmade” from an old watch maker.
A symbol of a time that never pass, but somehow bring us  to the present and the future.
L’O, our watch, this is how we transfer to you our dream and you will wear it always under the vigil look of the moon.



Limited Editions


logo L'O Watch neroUnisex style watch in eight colors and two limited editions

L’O watch will be available in 8 colors: super classic navy, dark brown, British racing green, Bordeaux, optical white all the way to kaki, cobalt and purple.

The dial is embellished by the brequet style that will show craftsmanship and the times of the city around the world.

The watchstrap and the watchcase are a single block of super soft silicon, that has been enriched by a crocodile print. All this gives the watch a refined and sophisticated look.

Unisex watches sofisticated vintage look
Unisex watches with sofisticated vintage look

An irreverent moon

An irreverent moon give us a feeling of irony and a strong sense  of imaginary mood that escape from a reality that is not represent the sense of dream that tried to transmit to the people wearing it.

Wearing this watch will help flying away and dream of a world without limit and obstacles.

  • World Time

  • Breguet

  • Sofisticated vintage look

  • An irriverent moon

  • WaterProof

  • Exchange Wristlet

Unisex watches with sofisticated vintage look